Playing With Cobras

First Published 1993

Now that the cold war really is over we get a new enemy. For once it’s not a bunch of Russian spies selling secrets or nuclear material. No, we get the drug dealing Indian Prime Minister!

SIS agent Cass (a minor character from The Bears Tear’s and The Last Raven) has been posted to India. Thing is, he’s having an affair with an actress who just happens to be related to a politician who’s on the up and up. She is murdered and Cass gets the blame.

Recently retired Patrick Hyde is sent to discover if Cass had anything to do with it. He’s expected to report back like a good boy and say yes, case closed.

Of course Hyde decides his old buddy Cass is on the level. The British government don’t care, so it’s up to Hyde to uncover the nasty goings on. Then the politician becomes Prime Minister and Cass vanishes from jail…

Playing with Cobras provides an exotic and underused setting, but it gave me the feeling that Craig Thomas wasn’t sure what to do next. Lucky for us he will find his new direction and gave us what I consider an excellent next novel.